ABAP performance tuning


As the productive operations progress in a SAP environment, the amount of transaction data and master data expand rapidly, often leading to poor application performance and increased demand on resources. In such a scenario, an ABAP application tested and accepted at one stage, may very well found to be alarmingly slow at a later stage. ABAP optimisation gives the solution for ensuring efficient performance of SAP applications. Standard SAP tools are used for a systematic analysis of the applications to quickly identify the performance bottlenecks. Performance tuning is then done using Optimised ABAP coding and/or alternate technical settings. It is therefore important that SAP applications are optimised for better performance.

Solutions / Recommendations

The solution / recommendations proposed by us for R/3 Performance tuning is based on ABAP Optimisation techniques, most of which are derivations of SAP's optimisation rules complemented by our experience in handling performance issues. SAP's standard tools like Workload monitor, SQL Trace, Runtime Analysis, Database Statistics etc are used for analysing the performance bottlenecks. After identifying the causes for a performance problem, optimisation techniques are applied. This could be either changes in technical settings like R/3 Buffer, Secondary index, etc or improvements in ABAP programs, as applicable.

Benefits of Optimization

  • Improved performance of SAP applications without sacrificing functionality or efficiency. (We have analysed live applications taking 40 minutes run-time and reduced the run-time to less than 3 minutes!!)
  • Uniform and standard coding which are easier to maintain.

Areas of Optimization

  • Data access from the database server.
  • Network data transfer between database server and application servers.
  • Application data processing.
  • Optimum use of database Index and R/3 Buffers.

Optimization Tools

  • No external tools or packages.
  • Only Standard SAP tools used a Workload Statistics
  • Workload Analysis
  • SQL Trace
  • Runtime Analysis
  • ABAP debugger

Our Advantage

  • Extensive hands-on experience in Optimization consultancy
  • Helped large number of customer in performance optimisation
  • Proven track record and methodology